Watch Offline Videos on Facebook ,Secret Chatting In Messenger

You must know about this how to watch offline videos on facebook. You can Watch offline videos on facebook without using  mobile data. This is the great feature on facebook. Facebook is one of the popular social network application, and it is developing more than the other social networking using the Facebook information is sharing by one account to another account is very fast and at the same time the  video uploading and sending images and sharing location services ,is faster in the Facebook social network site.the Facebook allows watching online videos and uploading also,it getting too much of mobile data, for this purpose Facebook giving new features to the Facebook users.

 Watch Offline Videos on Facebook :

The growing technology every social networking sites are improving their sites and growing well.the users of social networking sites are also wanted new features on the social network site. for the implementation of social networking sites, the competition is very high level. so these networking sites are ready to offer new features to the users. Facebook providing many of features nowadays, as to dominate the other social  networking sites.

At the same time Facebook providing a new feature that is a messenger for fast information sharing and images quickly and accurately without any issues in the sharing information and loading files. In this way, Facebook is ready to give new features to the Facebook users.Now I came with a new Facebook feature for Facebook users. The Facebook providing features like youtube, you know that youtube providing a feature watching offline videos, so in this way Facebook also going to provide offline watching a video feature for Facebook users.

How to watch offline videos on Facebook :

Now many of the people using mobile data services .It is not possible in all the regions that watching the videos in the Facebook without buffering the video .If anybody wanted to watch the videos in the Facebook ,the mobile data is slow. the video will take some time for buffering .so,what is the reason for that one is? Facebook offline video mode.

There is no enough data for watching the videos in the Facebook .if wi-fi is available then download the videos and watch in the off-line mode .For all these questions Facebook gives the answer ,that  is offline video mode. We know the off-line video nature in the Youtube, so the Facebook mobile app also providing  the facility. now we can watch videos in the offline mode.

Offline watching video in Facebook

For watching the required Facebook uploading videos,at the top side of the right corner, there we can see a drop down menu. Click on the drop down menu, we get save video option .Now click on the save video option then the video will save in the saved tube .Now we see these saves videos in the saved tube . Now click on the application menu ,we get the saved videos option ,in that we can see the saved videos.

offline watching video in facebook

NOTE:The Facebook offline watching a video feature is now available only for some videos.

  Secret messaging in messenger:

Messenger has a connection to the Facebook and it is useful for chatting,and sending the information as like provides more accurate in the information sharing in the accounts users of the messenger and to a group accounts of the messenger.suppose your friend went to the market by taking along with a credit card,if he forgot the password of the credit card of  yours while he paying the money .then  you wanted to ask him to send this password or pin number in the messenger ,Is it good ,sharing the pin number in the messenger ? every person has a doubt on this .If you lost  your phone or your Facebook account has hacked by anyone then only your information went to the others  hand.Secret conversation in messenger

If yours sending information in the messenger may disappear in five minutes, It is good !. the messenger providing the information in the messenger is secret conversation option. in the secret conversation, we  will get that type of it is ?.with  which person you talk in the messenger ,now  you open the person’s account.and click on the profile tab and which is at the right  corner.In that,  the secret conversation will appear and click on a secret conversation and send the information .

If we send any messages in this secret conversation then after 5 minutes the message will be deleted automatically from the account and the conversation too.For this process we have to do is,after sending  the information  click on the timer option and set the time in the timer at which time the message  has deleted .Now this feature is available in some IOS operating system holders .soon the feature will coming to the android operating system users also.

secret chating in messenger

Final words:

I hope this post very helpful to you how to watch offline videos on facebook without data requiring,secret chatting on messenger.  so you may use this feature in your devices. I gave total information about  how to watch offline videos on facebook,yo can follow above procedure to get this features. if you get doubts contact me. you can catch me on facebook,twitter and google+ or by comments.

Thanks for Reading.

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