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She made her way into the room shared by her, her sisters, and their counterparts. Tight mature milf. Theodor placed the empty bottle in the center. Theodor was the first to say anything. Alvin and brittany naked. Simon and Theodor daydreamed, wondering if Alvin was really about to do what they believed. None of them spoke about what had happened. Then all of a sudden Snoop Dog came home!

Each of the girls had triplets, with each baby having a different father. We feel the same way about you Jeanette! Alvin scootched over on his knees and looked at the target.

He positioned himself on his paws and knees, looking back at his brother. Yeah, that was the surprise I had for you all! The door opened and Dave was half-way out. He sat in one spot, pawing and squeezing his cock, anxious to get his orgasm out of the way. Busty milf in jeans. It'll really get my panties in a knot Their tongues joined together by wrapping around each other; Alvin continued to squeeze his brothers ass, which had been tight and firm; Simon now played with Alvin's cock with two paws instead of one, coaxing out his brothers cock until the red member stood strong at full erect.

Back in the living room With all the moisture they were putting out, they wouldn't be able to keep up with laundry. Sighs Alright Brittany, alright Of course Alvin don't pay a much attention to the teacher as to Brittany. Just the two of us? Simon gathered himself and spoke. You need to be logged in to leave a review for this story. Do you want to come with us? Hearing a commotion in the brush nearby, he looked and saw a chubby blonde munk walking rather clumsily toward him.

He knew an explanation was required. They began to casually date again. Using his paws, he traveled more and more into his brother, slowly, making sure not to hurt him.

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When they holding hands by walking to class, Simon whispered to the others: Dave isn't very happy about that, but he doesn't want to make the new pair sad, when he told them to get a little more distance. It certainly is Simon, it certainly is… want to know a secret? Brittany saw him staring at her sex and decided to up the ante. Nude pics of sunny. Alvin and The Chipmunks: Whenever love went wrong, ours would still be strong, We'll have our very own everlasting love.

Great detail and really weird reading it less than two hours after watching the movie. The lust-driven scene had the same effect on Theodor than on Brittany: Both girls looked rough and tired. Alvin and brittany naked. When they returned to school, they all acted rather shy when they saw the chipmunks.

What was I thinking bringing Jeanette to that tree house? Brittany then said that's enough I want you to take get inside me Alvin Alvin did as she commanded.

Struggling to breathe, the Chipette peeked over at the five other beds, sighing in relief as she saw them completely empty. Sighs Look I gotta go, my pain-in-the-butt little brother is dying to talk to his special love friend… yeah, see you Monday… Hangs up There you go, Casanova.

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He leaned back, his body supported by his paw planted firmly on the floor behind him. Draco Fury 7 years ago 0. Holy smoke, Alvin thought. Hairy pussy girlfriend. A deep boiling hate boiled up inside of Alvin and the other munks. Simon, the taller of the three brothers answered him. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

I'll be so alone without you, Maybe you'll be lonesome too… Fly the ocean in a silver plane, See the jungle when it's wet with rain. Bethany would read to him at night, and sing him lullabies, this continued well up until David was about thirteen; one day when no one was looking, he stepped outside to play, but wandered too far into the street and was hit by a car.

All works displayed here, whether pictorial or literary, are the property of their owners and not Adult-FanFiction. Where are you from? You have a date with Simon tonight? I have to pee realllllly bad.

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Brittany was completely lost in her own pleasure and scent to notice Alvin creep closer and closer. Montel williams naked. But he just said no cussing and no fighting. As it got hard, she stuck out her tongue and licked at the tip. Bethany would read to him at night, and sing him lullabies, this continued well up until David was about thirteen; one day when no one was looking, he stepped outside to play, but wandered too far into the street and was hit by a car. Revenge was going to be his!

She was going to save this for later. Wish I could have gotten it out on Christmas day, but my laptop arrived on the 30th. Milf crotch shots What would tomorrow bring? Then Alvin started to cum because of Brittany's sexy body.

His brother had shocked him yet again. Alvin and brittany naked. The Chipette blushed and shifted onto her belly. Little did he know, Simon had always wanted to do this actually, grope his brother, that is.

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