How To Improve Brain Power

Improve brain power : Hi, guys, the topic is improve thinking the power of the human. Many of the people think that it is  based on  their birth and his/her parents .it is not my opinion it is truth. and it is more important that every person will learn about it ,the  every birth people will have only zero mind power and everyone learn in his life and improve his knowledge . there are many of the people ,they failed  in their life  and get good result by improving their mind thinking power and have knowledge in many of the topics (take Einstein he failed his school life also but he creates and invents wonders ,some other people ……).they  had that much of power only by  their own knowledge ,at that  time even they don’t have education in full view. They just based on their own power, abilities ,more reading of books, have thought on one topic ,playing mind games. Now we have more sources and the huge number of educational institutions. But we are not investing our time on their because lack of time to invest in this modern technical life ,so I  am suggesting some important things , I hope those will help full to u r life better than  other things

 Improve speed  thinking :

The improvement in speed thinking that we will gain by spending  some time on any topic but the topic will be in a good way . do you all of the people’s brain equally? brain size is same but their thinking is different. when you compare your brain thinking with another person. is it equal? never thoughts are different and. if you want to increase your brain skills follow bellow given

Improve speed thinking and gain brain power:

Always be a relaxed person and think about the something in a relaxed and deeply .it must useful to you to improve your thinking power.the full practice in the reasoning and Arithmetic will help you to protect the full power of thinking in different ways.thinking in a different way will modify your brain power and be a protected u will be .play the Rubik’s cube and setting of it provide you keep thinking knowledge .we will gain the power of keep remembering by play the numbering and puzzle. the power of remembering and thinking in a different way that we will gain by reading books and novels .

Playing games will provide that relaxed mind and,we will learn the power of cool and be the strength by playing games ,in that we get that failure and success ,take it easy and move forward that will help you to protect the brain power in every way of your thinking abilities .

The main point in the gaining of brain power is meditation. Meditation will provide you mind relief and relaxation of everything of the day work. The gaining of mind power is not complete to the person refreshment and it always has some conditional element. The work busy is must be relief otherwise the mind cannot be in relaxed condition. Material and emotional security, enjoying sensory pleasures or establishing a good reputation. like these type of conditions will appear in focus of the meditation of the persons .Although these things can make us happy for a short time, they are not able to provide the deep lasting contentment that we long for. Sooner or later our happiness turns into dissatisfaction, unconditional and we find ourselves engaged in the pursuit of more worldly pleasures. Directly or indirectly, worldly pleasures cause us mental and physical suffering by stimulating attachment, jealousy, and frustration. Moreover, seeking to fulfill  our own desires often bring us into conflict with others.  be ready to be stable to any condition.

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