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Google Wallet App : Are you thinking about how to send money from one account to another account without approaching any kind of banks? and bank services are also so far from the village peoples these peoples are suffering very sadly, because of they don’t have transportation services on particular areas, times. Sometimes very necessary to send money  to their relatives.

Google Wallet App:

So in this post, I will give you a complete solution for this problem and let me introducing an application to solve your problem that is google wallet app. Actually, this app will work on us region places, google wallet app is more useful to send money to anyone in US, this application will work on android and PC devices.This app designed, developed by google company US nationality peoples are using this app very highly and it easy to send money to anyone in the US. This app recently launched by google service company, google wallet app getting so easy.

somebody will have some different kind of doubts like, how to send money without bank account etc, That is special of google wallet app. even if they don’t have an existing google Wallet account also, you can send money to anyone in US country. If you need to access this app, just you need is an email address or a phone number overall only both of one is enough to access this app account.

Google wallet app is very much better when you compare with the alternate app. This app will work on android devices and windows, mac book PC, working strength is very high, fast,easy and free to send money directly from your debit card, bank account, or Wallet Balance, This is the main advantage of this app.

Nowadays each and every people have a bank account, but major peoples are has been using debit cards, but only some business persons are having credit cards. so if you have any kind of bank account, you can send money through your smartphones OR your PC by using google wallet app.

Mainly how to access on google wallet app. Here I will give you step by step procedure to access google wallet this fast generation this like this apps much more useful to save your time and wallet app providing some more extra features read bellow given features.

Let me explain how to download this app properly on your using android devices and PC.just follow bellow given steps to download this app without any issues.

google wallet will change the replacing the paper cash, plastic car, leather wallets on the once you can invest hundreds of millions of don’t need carries your bank account cards

you don’t need to carry your bank account cards along with you at all times.if you are using a smartphone that is enough for you.just download google wallet app on your smartphone.if you went shopping you don’t want pay from your pocket wallet, simple swipe on your smartphone, if there are available wallet stores you can do shopping easily and simply with your google wallet card information and makes it easier to shop online and in stores.

This app not only uses for shopping purpose, this app allows to send money to wallet take advantage of loyalty programs and more.

How To Create Google Wallet Account:

if you are new to google wallet don’t worry, Let me explain how to download this app properly on you’re using android devices and PC. Just follow bellow given steps to download this app without any issues.

  • To sign up for Google Wallet, first create a google account, if you have already had a google account.
  • First, open your google wallet app on your smartphone, then signup with your google account what you using existing name and password.
  • If you want to change any information about your account, click on the settings or gear icon button and To edit your name and address, simply click the edit button to the left of the field.
  • Verifying your identity will allow you to access certain features online on this app.
  • Would you like to protect your wallet account? so you can create a custom four-digit pin to protect your Wallet. this is a security step, and we highly recommend it.
  • To set up a Wallet pin, click Set PIN in settings. Choose a four-digit passcode and click Create PIN.and you can keep any four digits.

Download Google Wallet app

Install google wallet app:

To install google wallet app in your devices follow given procedure

search in your browser google wallet homepage, download it. After finishing the download install the google wallet app, OR go to google play store or I tune store to download this app for free. Once the app has downloaded, open it and log in with your Google account and Wallet pin.

How to add money to your google wallet :

You can add money from your credit, debit cards or from your bank account for can store money in your virtual wallet.

  1. First, visit site then click Payment methods in the left-hand menu.
  2. Choose to add to wallet balance then which way you would like to add money and type in the amount of money you want to add.
  3. once you happy with all click add money button.

 conclusion : 

I hope This post will help you install this app. This is an amazing app for money transfer and spending purpose download it and enjoy.

Thank you for reading


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