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Adult girls wearing diapers

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It seems to me that everytime a girl is on the boards they get inidated with requests for pics, dates or something else. Topless disney girls. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Welcome to the community. Adult girls wearing diapers. The other thing is I'm a girl and a teenage girl at that.

Would you believe that some guys get HUGE raging hard-ons when taking a dump? So when I discovered my first diaper fetish site through google on total accident a few years ago I was schocked to find that there are other people like me but I still feel like a freak.

You're not freakish for your particular choice of fetish. Posted October 24, I feel the need to insert myself in the conversation. Now to ollie williams with the blackuweather forecast So that is when I wear tape-on plastic-backed adult diapers to bed.

I've decided I'm pulling for Nebraska. Ask New Question Sign In. Well over a million people were packed into Midtown. If you walk into a cvs you find half an aisle dedicated to pads and diapers. Naked middle aged. And since you're not Elton John, you certainly can't be the queen of England. I consider myself lucky that normally I can control my bowels.

Adult girls wearing diapers

Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. How do you feel about anal? Your not alone - so be happy: Some practitioners have "teen" personas, some are children, some are infants. Its just the diapers. Do you know why babies wear diapers? And the lack of inhibition is the actual thrill-welcome to the boards-and sexual freedom. What should I do?

Even in the diaper fetish community I still feel like a total freak. How can you handle incontinence in adults, other than by wearing a diaper? Being a baby or playing with baby things like it seems most people with diaper fetishes enjoy does NOT excite me at all.

Another more complex answer to the question is that as men we are honestly more open to expressing our sexual desires then women are. I was 26 before I knew there are many adults who wear diapers for pleasure.

I relish the opportunity everyday. Sure, not everyone enjoys poop, but sooner or later you'll find a cool guy or girl, or a Freshly-Minted Mr Sister, etc who would LOVE to change your poopy pants and make all your dreams come true.

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I was devastated when they were taken away and that is what I think made me a DL. This is a recording! Welcome to the site, onlygirl.

Welcome to the boards. Sexy cartoon cowgirl. Adult girls wearing diapers. Do you like to wear adult diapers for comfort or pleasure? Related Questions Why do teenagers wear diapers? My best friend just admitted he likes to wear adult diapers.

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Share this post Link to post. Last time I was there it was a balmy 55 degrees on a Saturday night. When I first read it I though"diapers" and being a young woman I also though "pads? I just wanted to let you know that there is very large a group here for people who are into diapers but not the baby stuff.

There are also plenty of ladies here and around the 'net that are like you. The other thing is I'm a girl and a teenage girl at that. I'm not huge on the ab thing, I'm more of a toddler myself when I do tap into that side, otherwise I'm strictly DL. Now, the "Like" part of this question confuses me a little. Hi, I know what you're going through, we all do on this site.

Welcome to the community. The naked meat company. Good friends of mine prefer DL. At puberty I reverted to bedwetting. Don't worry about feeling odd and out of place, or feeling like freak. But the one thing you most certainly are not is a woman who likes diapers. Lots of women like diapers, and for a wide variety of reasons. There are not people that are exactly the same, it's just not a reality. Big tits boss 13. So that is when I wear tape-on plastic-backed adult diapers to bed.

In fact, you may be surprised to learn that you are not actually a woman who likes diapers. Is it normal for adults to wear diapers to bed? You might as well embrace who you are because there's nothing wrong with who you are. Do you know why babies wear diapers? Ok so I like to wear diapers which is why I'm here. Is it normal for adults to wear a diaper?

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Ifunny nude pics Save your draft before refreshing this page. That said, there are sexual reasons, which others have covered. And the lack of inhibition is the actual thrill-welcome to the boards-and sexual freedom.
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Joseline nude pics As far as being an ab, there are a few of the girls on this site who I am sure will introduce themselves to you. Basically all the diaper fetish sites I've seen so far have been full of nothing but adult men. The problem is most of my fellow men are a tad overzealous, aka horny when a woman is on the boards.
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