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Find My Friends app : This is a new latest app for finding your friends easily within short time including your friend location with help of GPS option.This app recently launched for Android platform devices. right now you can use on windows devices. GPS is the very useful technology, but we should know how to use properly, and this is a very powerful tool in our smartphone devices.We can view maps, points of interest and find your location exactly, even spend time finding your friends via GPS with smart applications.
Nowadays Social networks are very necessary for our day to day life. we know already about some social networking apps like facebook, twitter, whats app and mainly Gmail. we are so adept at using social network applications. This app provides some new extra features. locating your friends without having to call them is a major bonus.

Features of Find my rFiends App :

This app can be used to access your friend’s location to meet them.You can also see their exact location on google maps. You can also find their location on google maps. chat with your friends for free without any limitations. You can also share any latest news about restaurant opening, store sale,etc.and if your new visitor to any place you can get directions and perfect address also.

The app allows friends to find you using the enabled GPS location. You can also chat with you are friends freely without any charges and it doesn’t stop you are privacy. Get the info on ETA and exact location. Locate and Find My Friends is the premier friend locator app.are you searching for your friends to invite party or weddings ? of course it ‘s so difficult to find out more friends. but in this fast generation, you can find your friends easily,that’s why we are introducing the find my friends app. This app will be useful to find your friends and meet them during an outing. in this application GPS tracking data makes it easy to locate friends in real time.

By using this app you can save your time easily check your friend’s exact location and destination, just turn on GPS in your devices then open find my friends app, after finding your friends exact location and estimated arrival time. sometimes your friends getting confuse to get the correct way to reach their location, so you can guide them to reach their exact location and destination and you can chat with them at the same time.

In this app you can set own personal icon, this icon will appear on the app’s map. once installed, the app on your device will work like an ideal friend locator app. this app helps you locate your friend’s location and communicate with them easily and you can get location updates on real time. with find my friends app you can know when each member arrived home safely before you going to take bed then you can take sleep happily. if your friends didn’t arrive’s their homes you can take action immediately.

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With this app, you can get your friends latest location updates. everyone has best friends you can observe their location in real time.very easy to get details from this Find My Friends app.this app is not only for friends you can access with your relatives.Being a useful tool, it can track friends also. The ‘Locate and Find My Friends’ feature uses GPS tracking technology to locate lost travellers and estimate their arrival time. If someone loses their way, just redirect them by pointing to a new meeting position using the map that comes with the application. The ‘Locate and Find My Friends’ feature can also track your friends till they reach home after your adventure is completed, all so you’re ready to begin planning the next one.


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